Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Pendant

Apr 18, 2014

Bringing nature inside

I love nature, espe­cial­ly any­thing hav­ing to do with birds and actu­al­ly have sev­er­al nests sit­ting in my stu­dio win­dow. Two are wren’s nests that mom removed from her hang­ing planters after the lit­tle wren fam­i­ly flew the nest. The oth­er nest is one I found that fell from a tree in our front yard. I even have two bird baths out­side my win­dow and enjoy the dai­ly bat­tles of a Blue Jay and Mock­ing­bird try­ing to claim its own­er­ship.

Bird bath

Since I’ve start­ed mak­ing jew­el­ry pieces I decid­ed to include my love of nature in some of my cre­ations. Wire wrap­ping is a fun and so sim­ple tech­nique to do once you get the hang of it. At first you feel like you are all thumbs but then all of a sud­den it clicks and work­ing with wire and the tools need­ed becomes a thought­less task.

Mak­ing a wire wrapped bird nest is super sim­ple. To make a nest about the size of a quar­ter like the one shown below, cut a piece of wire about 3 feet in length.

For this nest, I used 20 gauge alu­minum col­ored wire because it’s very easy to bend. I also use 22 & 24 gauge sil­ver plat­ed wire which works well. If you use 16 gauge sil­ver plat­ed wire it is going to be pret­ty stiff and hard­er to mold into shape. You can use the 16 gauge wire but I would­n’t use this the first time you try to make your bird nest.

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest

Once you have your wire cut, string 3 beads onto one end of the wire leav­ing about two inch­es of wire on the end. Take the beads and bend them so they form a small cir­cle as shown in the cen­ter of the nest.

Twist the two inch wire end around the wire at the base of the first bead you strung onto the wire. Now sim­ply start wrap­ping the wire around the bot­tom of the beads sev­er­al times to cre­ate the bot­tom of the nest. Next start wrap­ping the wire around the sides of the beads and thread­ing the wire in and out of the wire cir­cle (nest) as it is being cre­at­ed, thread­ing the wire helps keep the wrapped wire in place. Once you have all the wire wrapped around the beads, using pli­ers bend the wire here and there to cre­ate bent twigs.

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Pendant

I was orig­i­nal­ly going to put the nest onto a cuff but then I decid­ed to make it into a pen­dant. I can­not wait to wear this.


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