Unexpected Creativity

Apr 2, 2014

Bead Sorting

Since I’ve really jumped into this jewelry making I decided it was time to sort this 1 Pound Luxury Bead Soup Mix I purchased a while back from Margot Potter. I grabbed one of my old muffin tins, sat in my big comfy chair, put on my headphones and started sorting. You all know I love the thrill of the hunt and sorting this amazing bag of assorted beads was just like being on a little scavenger hunt. I had no idea what I would find but what I found was wonderful. As I started sorting I discovered I had enough of these green beads, which reminds me of the chiclets gum I chomped on when I was little, to create a jewelry ensemble.

Spring Ensemble

These green beads just so happen to be my daughter Terri’s favorite color green. Before I finished sorting beads ideas started popping in my head and well the sorting stopped. Unexpected creativity hit and when it hits I have no choice but to act. So the jewelry tools and wire quickly came out and I was off creating a bracelet, pair of earrings and a pendant. Terri likes simple and I like funky so I thought I could combine the two styles by wire wrapping the beads with a messy wire wrap and I love how each piece turned out as did Terri.

I think this is unexpected creativity at it’s best, no plans or prior ideas, it was just create and see what comes!


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