Observations from an Alcoholic’s Sister ~ The Signs

Apr 4, 2014

Me and my fam­i­ly quick­ly picked up on tell tale signs that Richard had been drink­ing. If he walked into the room chat­ting away we knew right then he had been drink­ing. Chat­ti­ness was not the norm for Richard, me yes, him no. Richard was gen­er­al­ly a qui­et per­son and real­ly only spoke when he had some­thing to say. Soon to fol­low his chat­ti­ness, came red blood­shot eyes and not long after that, stum­bling. Once the stum­bling start­ed it went down­hill real­ly fast. He stum­bled into fur­ni­ture, knocked things off of tables, end­ed up break­ing things and had us all beg­ging him to please go upstairs and sleep it off.

Alco­holics need to under­stand there are obvi­ous indi­ca­tors they are drink­ing.

Richard would suck on pep­per­mints think­ing he was mask­ing the smell of the alco­hol. Alco­holics need to under­stand suck­ing on pep­per­mints does not mask the smell of alco­hol but it does add to the list of signs that let us know they have been drink­ing.

Alco­holics need to under­stand they can­not mask their addic­tion.

One thing I found intrigu­ing as I watched my broth­er bat­tle his addic­tion is how Richard thought he was hid­ing it from us. It was obvi­ous Richard was sneak­ing alco­hol into the house. If we weren’t bring­ing alco­hol into the house and he was get­ting drunk in the house this left only one oth­er per­son bring­ing it into the house, him. Alco­holics fool no one, they think they are while they sneak in bot­tles or hide filled or emp­tied bot­tles in file cab­i­nets, dress­er draw­ers, and clos­ets etc. but every­one is aware they are drink­ing. We did not have to phys­i­cal­ly see Richard drink to know he had been drink­ing.

Alco­holics need to under­stand they fool no one.

Me and Richard on the patio

I often think back on our child­hood and the one thing that always comes to mind is Richard’s kind­ness. Richard had the kind­est soul of any­one I will ever know. I nev­er heard him say a bad word about any­one and if you need­ed help Richard was there.

One moment that always comes to mind is when we were stay­ing in a cab­in on Crys­tal Beach one sum­mer. While I was walk­ing around the cab­in I got a burr stuck in my foot. I was lit­tle and very scared to pull it out because every time I touched the burr it hurt and stuck me in the fin­gers. As we sat on the floor con­tem­plat­ing what I should do, Richard looked at me and said, “If you let me pull it out I will give you my box of Crack­er Jacks.” That was the kind of per­son Richard was, he would help any­one in need, even if it meant giv­ing up his one and only box of Crack­er Jacks.

Alco­holics need to know once they die from alco­hol poi­son­ing they leave lov­ing fam­i­lies that miss them ter­ri­bly every sin­gle day.

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