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Apr 1, 2014

Be YOU tiful

I just added some new cuff style bracelets to my Etsy shop and I incor­po­rat­ed my love of vin­tage by adding vin­tage baubles to them. The com­bi­na­tion of leather, ham­mered met­al and the glam of vin­tage baubles is a favorite of mine. If you see some­thing you love in my shop don’t wait to make your pur­chase because once the item or items are sold I will not cre­ate anoth­er piece exact­ly as the one you loved. I like to keep things unique and one of a kind.

Also if you have tee­ny tiny wrists as did one of my cus­tomers, SIZE 5, I will cer­tain­ly work with you as best I can, on mak­ing sure the bracelet you pur­chase fits. No mat­ter the size I have no prob­lem cus­tomiz­ing a bracelet for you.

Vintage Rhinestone Button

Vintage Cuff Link

And I love it when cus­tomers send me pho­tos of them wear­ing pieces I’ve cre­at­ed. If you pur­chased some of my jew­el­ry I would love it if you too would send me a pho­to. It’s always nice to see it being worn.

Flower Cuff

Free Form Flower Cuff

Wish­ing you a won­der­ful Spring day! Spring cer­tain­ly arrived here in Frisco but I have some fam­i­ly mem­bers fur­ther east that aren’t feel­ing much Spring like weath­er, they are cov­ered in snow. As my grand­moth­er used to say, this too shall pass.


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