Jewelry Clay + Stamps = Awesome

Apr 10, 2014

Cuff Accent

I needed a big accent for an idea I have for a cuff  and since I couldn’t find what I had in mind I decided to make my own. I mixed a batch of ETI Jewelry Clay, formed it into the shape I wanted, and pressed one of Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds stamps into the resin clay. Then to create a slight bend in the piece so it forms to the wrist better, I covered a bottle with plastic wrap, put the bottle on it’s side and placed the resin clay piece on the bottle to cure overnight. Super simple.

Resin Clay accent painted

Once the piece cured overnight, I add paint layers in green, beige, gold and brown and this is what it looks like so far. I’m going to LOVE this piece and cannot wait to attach it to a cuff. I still have a ways to go adding more paint and maybe some tissue pieces here and there, then I’ll finish it off with a nice clear coating of resin.

I’ll keep sharing it’s progression.


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