Jewelry Clay + Stamps = Awesome

Apr 10, 2014

Cuff Accent

I need­ed a big accent for an idea I have for a cuff  and since I could­n’t find what I had in mind I decid­ed to make my own. I mixed a batch of ETI Jew­el­ry Clay, formed it into the shape I want­ed, and pressed one of Dina Wak­ley’s Scrib­bly Birds stamps into the resin clay. Then to cre­ate a slight bend in the piece so it forms to the wrist bet­ter, I cov­ered a bot­tle with plas­tic wrap, put the bot­tle on it’s side and placed the resin clay piece on the bot­tle to cure overnight. Super sim­ple.

Resin Clay accent painted

Once the piece cured overnight, I add paint lay­ers in green, beige, gold and brown and this is what it looks like so far. I’m going to LOVE this piece and can­not wait to attach it to a cuff. I still have a ways to go adding more paint and maybe some tis­sue pieces here and there, then I’ll fin­ish it off with a nice clear coat­ing of resin.

I’ll keep shar­ing it’s pro­gres­sion.


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