Jewelry Clay + Stamps = Awesome Part 2

Apr 17, 2014

Bird Accent

Here’s a peek at how the bird piece I cre­at­ed from jew­el­ry clay is com­ing along. If you missed the blog post about it last week you can view it here. As you can tell, I paint­ed, inked and stamped all over the cured jew­el­ry clay. Now I just need to wire wrap lots of beads and pearls to attach between each link. I love hav­ing lots of pret­ty spark­ly baubles on bracelets.

I’m still not sure I like the tog­gle, actu­al­ly I know don’t the more I keep look­ing at it the more it both­ers me so it’s com­ing off and will be replaced with I have no clue as of yet.


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