Watching the Grand~Dog

Mar 4, 2014

Terri and Laren

While these two cuties enjoy a little vacation in California Alan and I are taking care of our grand~dog Lola. Terri and Laren live in the coolest loft in the coolest spot in Deep Ellum. So basically Alan and I cater to Lola’s each and every whim (treats, snuggles, eat, potty, and repeat) while we work during the day and then go walk to dinner. Thankfully, Terri and Laren come home tomorrow or Alan and I would need to purchase larger pants.


Saturday, we walked to dinner and ate at Pepe’s & Mito’s. It was super awesome. We ate outside and obviously this was before the cold front hit with sleet, ice and snow. I ate their Chicken Chipotle Enchiladas and Alan ate their Rib Eye En Salsa Ranchera. We cleaned our plates.

Pepe's & Mito's

Sunday, we took a super short walk and picked up an awesome pizza from Mama Mia. We had half BBQ Chicken and half The Works. AMAZING pizza.

Mama Mia's

Monday, we walked over to Baker’s Ribs. Alan had ribs and I had a pulled pork sandwich. For dessert we each had a Fried Pie. Alan had Peach and I had Lemon. I went to bed thinking of that Lemon Fried Pie and woke up thinking about that Lemon Fried Pie. I might have to get another Lemon Fried Pie today because I cannot stop thinking about that Lemon Fried Pie.

Baker's Ribs

To end the day, Lola and I had a little puppy photo shoot. She is such a sweetie and works well for treats. Although this little princess snores like nothing I’ve heard in my life. She snores so loud she vibrates.


Tonight, Alan and I plan on eating at AllGood Cafe. Terri told us it’s an adorable little diner with origami cranes hanging from the ceiling and on Tuesday nights it’s 2 for 1 dinners. She had me at origami cranes hanging from the ceiling and Alan at 2 for 1 dinners.


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