Walk, Eat & Shop

Mar 5, 2014

Walking the grand dog

To off­set all the calo­ries Alan and I have been con­sum­ing with just one meal a day Lola has been get­ting some nice walks when the sun decides to show its face. My gosh, Ter­ri and Laren live near so many amaz­ing places to eat.  Hon­est­ly, all we can eat is one meal and I can’t even fin­ish my entire meal. The food in Deep Ellum is so incred­i­ble.

Allgood Cafe

For Lunch/Dinner Alan and I went to All­go­od Cafe. He had their amaz­ing Chick­en Fried Steak and I had their OMGOSH lick your plate clean Truck Stop Hot Beef Sand­wich. This sand­wich was so darn incred­i­ble. Their mashed pota­toes are absolute­ly to die for too. I could only eat half of my sand­wich so Alan fin­ished it off for me. I have no idea how he ate all of his and then the rest of mine. I was so full. The paper cranes and but­ter­flies hang­ing from the ceil­ing were real­ly cool and all the old con­cert posters made the place even cool­er.

Lula B's

After lunch/dinner we walked down to Lula B’s for a lit­tle shop­ping. This place is great and is filled with lots of great stuff. I found this real­ly pret­ty vin­tage bracelet and could not pass up.  It came home with me.


When we aren’t walk­ing, work­ing or eat­ing this is what Lola does… she climbs up on my lap so she can get a great view of the TV. She has not one wor­ry that my knees are about to snap. She is such a crazy girl.


We have had a blast Grand~Dog sit­ting. Ter­ri and Laren return home today so we head back to Frisco this after­noon. I fear what the house will look like with both Ans­ley and Brit­tain in charge. I know Son­ny, Buster and Chief will be super hap­py to see us but once they smell Lola on us I’m cer­tain that hap­pi­ness will turn into, “What you trai­tors” and will will get the stink eye.



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