DIY Leather & Rhinestone Bracelet

Mar 19, 2014

Leather & Rhinestone Bracelet Front

This spark­ly spring bracelet is made using a strip of Met­al Com­plex Flat Leather, Met­al Com­plex Tog­gle Flat in Gold, Hemp by Daz­zle-It and Maya Road Iri­des­cent Rhine­stone Trim. The Flat Leather is pre-pack­aged in strips that mea­sure 10 x 2mm and come in a wide assort­ment of col­or groups. The one fea­tured today is the Yel­low from the Yel­low & Steel Grey Metal­lic group. The oth­er group col­ors are Black & White, Dark Brown & Turquoise, White & Metal­lic Gold, Metal­lic Pur­ple & Pink, Green & Metal­lic Pur­ple, Navy Blue & Metal­lic Navy Blue, Metal­lic Gold & Sil­ver and Navy, Turquoise & Metal­lic Navy. I think they pret­ty much have every­one cov­ered here and if you like snake skin designs they even have faux leather in this style in white, pur­ple, brown and green col­ors.

To recre­ate this bracelet first trim the leather strip so once the tog­gle is attached the bracelet will fit your wrist. I trimmed about an inch of leather off mine as I like this style bracelet slight­ly loose on my wrist.

Using E6000 place a small amount of the adhe­sive on each end of the leather strip then place the tog­gle ends onto the leather. Let the adhe­sive dry com­plete­ly. Once dry, cut a piece of Maya Road Iri­des­cent Rhine­stone Dia­mond trim long enough to attach down the cen­ter of the bracelet.

Start­ing at one end of the bracelet hold the rhine­stone trim in place with one hand then with the oth­er hand begin wrap­ping the hemp two times between each of the rhine­stones until you get to the end. When start­ing make sure to leave a lit­tle bit of extra hemp to wrap over so you can secure this end of hemp in place. Once you get to the end of the bracelet thread the hemp under­neath the wrapped strands on the back and place a small amount of adhe­sive onto the hemp. Let dry.

Metal Complex Toggle

Here is a good view of the tog­gle I used for this bracelet. You can also see how the hemp looks wrapped under­neath the bracelet. This bracelet is easy to cre­ate and I think will look cute mixed with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent bracelet styles and col­ors.


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