Leather Cuff

Mar 7, 2014

Leather Cuff

Did you know you can bend the Antique Plume Feath­ers by Maya Road? Well if you did­n’t, you do now, which means you can turn them into real­ly pret­ty bracelets. I gen­tly bent the one shown above to rest per­fect­ly on top of a piece of leather to cre­ate this eclec­tic leather cuff. I accent­ed the quill end of the met­al feath­er using a few Maya Road Iri­des­cent Rhine­stone Trim pieces and accent­ed the edges of the vin­tage lace with Maya Road  Twine Cord­ing Gin­ger Root Brown. I’m try­ing to think of a few words to place on top of the feath­er but so far I’ve got noth­ing… do you have any ideas? If so, please share your thoughts or ideas because I need some.


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