Handmade Tassels

Mar 14, 2014


Handmade tassels are the easiest things to make and I have some awesome plans for these that I will share with you next week. I’ve seen tassels adorn necklaces and bracelets and figured I might as well jump in on this fashion style. I used my favorite spring colored embroidery floss (DMC 352 coral, 712 off white, 772 green). I create my tassels in small, medium and large sizes.

To make the tassels all I did was wrap the embroidery floss around my fingers several times until I was happy with the thickness of the floss. Once I was finished wrapping the floss I carefully slid the floss off my fingers. Make sure you keep the circle of floss in place. Now attach a jump ring through the top of the floss circle. Cut a piece of embroidery floss long enough to wrap around the top of the tassel several times as shown in the photo. This will secure the jump ring in place and hold the floss together. Secure the wrapped piece of floss in place with a double knot. Cut the bottom loop of floss then trim the ends if needed. That’s it. You now have an adorable handmade tassel.

To create a small, medium or large tassel just wrap the floss around two, three or four fingers. It can’t be any simpler.


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