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Mar 25, 2014

Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been busy hav­ing loads of fun cre­at­ing (and sell­ing and ship­ping, thank you so much) hand­made wrap bracelets and leather cuffs. Believe me, I do not need anoth­er media to cre­ate with since my stu­dio is already about to burst, but real­ly how much space can a few beads take up? HA HA HA that was the laugh heard around the world. Beads are so ADDICTIVE espe­cial­ly when you love spark­ly like me, OMGood­ness are there some amaz­ing beads on the mar­ket. But this fun art form was just scream­ing to emerge so I had to do it. I’ve been wrap­ping, ham­mer­ing, attach­ing, hole punch­ing and list­ing like a crazy woman.


I’ve even found ways to incor­po­rate my love for vin­tage finds into some of my bracelets. The wrap bracelet shown in the first pho­to has a strand of vin­tage white rosary beads attached. When wrapped around your wrist it looks amaz­ing. For some of my leather cuffs I’ve added vin­tage cuff links for the clo­sure. These look and work beau­ti­ful­ly.

If you are look­ing for unique items please check out my Etsy Shop. A lot of love, time, thought and work goes into each of my pieces.



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