Hammered Metal Heart Charms

Mar 13, 2014

Hammered Metal Hearts

Each of these hearts literally took me 10 minutes to create. If you want to make some for yourself you will need a Steel Block, Metal Stamping Hammer, 16 Gauge Wire (I used Permanently Color Copper Silver Wire and Copper Wire) and Wire Cutters.

To begin creating your heart charm using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire to about 6 inches in length. Form a heart shape then twist the ends of the wire together several times. Place the heart onto the steel block and hammer the wire until flat. You can create texture by using the ball end of your metal stamping hammer. Once you have the heart charm as you like, using wire cutters, cut off the twisted end of wire at the base. If you have a rough edge just smooth it out with a metal file. I used a file from my BasicGrey set. If these ends don’t stay closed you can secure them together with a small dot of E6000.



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