Hammered Metal Heart Charms

Mar 13, 2014

Hammered Metal Hearts

Each of these hearts lit­er­al­ly took me 10 min­utes to cre­ate. If you want to make some for your­self you will need a Steel Block, Met­al Stamp­ing Ham­mer, 16 Gauge Wire (I used Per­ma­nent­ly Col­or Cop­per Sil­ver Wire and Cop­per Wire) and Wire Cut­ters.

To begin cre­at­ing your heart charm using wire cut­ters, cut a piece of wire to about 6 inch­es in length. Form a heart shape then twist the ends of the wire togeth­er sev­er­al times. Place the heart onto the steel block and ham­mer the wire until flat. You can cre­ate tex­ture by using the ball end of your met­al stamp­ing ham­mer. Once you have the heart charm as you like, using wire cut­ters, cut off the twist­ed end of wire at the base. If you have a rough edge just smooth it out with a met­al file. I used a file from my Basic­Grey set. If these ends don’t stay closed you can secure them togeth­er with a small dot of E6000.



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