DIY Spring Necklaces

Mar 20, 2014

Ansley's Necklace

Since today is the first day of Spring I’m going to share how to recreate two necklaces that will compliment any of your spring outfits. These are quick and easy to make. I created this necklace for Ansley, she loves lots of color and the NEO cut chains are perfect for her style.

To recreate this necklace you will need NEO cut chains in Purple 5 x 3mm, Lime Green 5 x 3mm, Turquoise 3.5 x 2mm,  NEO Findings 6.5mm Purple Jump Rings as well as pliers and wire cutters.

Using wire cutters, cut the following NEO chains to these lengths… Purple 18″, 14.5″ and 8.5″, Lime Green 10.5″ and Turquoise 2 pieces cut to 12.5″. Please note this is a long necklace if you want your necklace shorter just cut to your desired lengths. Now begin attaching the chains to a jump ring starting with the longest chain first. Once you have one end of each chain on the jump ring, using pliers close the jump ring to secure the chains. Now repeat these same steps with the remaining ends of the chain. Once finished the chains should look like the photo below. Place the longest chain around your neck and BAM you are done!

Close Up of Ansley's Necklace

Terri's Necklace

Terri’s necklace is super super easy. She LOVES green and simple so this necklace is perfect for her. Notice the tassel. How cute does it look on her necklace? I just love coral and lime green together. To me it screams SPRING.

To recreate Terri’s necklace you need a really long as in 2 yards long piece of Lime Green NEO cut chain, a 6.5mm Lime Green Jump Ring, wire cutters and pliers. Attach both ends of the lime green NEO cut chain to one lime green jump ring, close the jump ring to secure the chain. That’s it there is your necklace. Terri likes to loop her necklaces to create different lengths so this works perfectly for her.

Tassel close up

If you want to add a tassel to your necklace and missed last weeks tutorial on making your own you can check it out HERE.

To see additional projects from 12 amazing artists also using the new NEO chain click HERE.


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