Delightful Arty Crush ~ Carmi Cimicata

Mar 26, 2014

“Delightful Arty Crush” is a feature I have on my blog which showcases artists who’s work I admire and find inspiring. It features a wide range of artists from collage, textile, encaustic and lots of other amazing mediums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspiring as I do and I hope you will visit their blogs and other links included in their feature. The images I share with you are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to their awesomeness.

Carmi Cimicata

Carmi's Arful Life

Resin Crafts

Today, my “Delightful Arty Crush” featured artist is, Carmi Cimicata. I first discovered Carmi on Pinterest while looking at resin jewelry and kept seeing her work. I soon fell in love with her quirky, funky and amazing resin jewelry. She has a style all her own and I find it so interesting. Carmi shares so much of her work on her blog Carmi’s Artful Life and is the Blog Author for Resin Crafts. If you want to learn all about resin and resin clay, Carmi is your go to gal. She’s filled these two blogs with tutorials to recreate amazingly fun jewelry of all kinds and loads of tutorials on teaching you how to use both resin and resin clay.

Carmi Cimicata ~ Creates Fun Jewelry like this adorable brooch.

Brooch by Carmi

Carmi Cimicata ~ Writes Resin Tutorials

Necklace by Carmi

Carmi Cimicata ~ Writes Jewelry Clay Tutorials

Tile by Carmi

Carmi Cimicata  ~ Creates with Vintage Textiles Oh how I love this necklace.

Vintage Textile Necklace

Carmi Cimicata ~ Recycles Items from found objects she finds from all over.

Brooch Necklace by Carmi

Seriously, isn’t Carmi’s work just the coolest. You know I love her vintage textile piece, it sparked a few ideas using all my vintage hankies! I’ll never be able to thank Carmi enough for all the resin tips she’s given. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this talented artist. If you want to follow Carmi Cimicata as I do, you can follow her on Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest,

And just a little note, I added a “Delightful Arty Crush” badge to the side column of my blog. This way, with just one click you can easily find and view all previous Delightful Arty Crushes.


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