Delight In The Art of Collage ~ Book Review & Giveaway

Mar 27, 2014

Delight In The Art of Collage

Reviewed by Melissa Conner, Editor of

There’s something so artistically amazing about mixed media. To see items like broken spoons, beeswax, fabric scraps, and bottle caps come together to create something truly inspirational is a sight to behold. The beauty and artistry behind collage and joining unlike pieces together is a skill many have mastered…but few can create such incredible and innovative designs as artist, Lisa M. Pace.

In her new book, Delight in the Art of Collage, author Lisa M. Pace shows us how to take everyday materials and morph them into these breathtaking designs that literally explode off the canvas. By combining different mediums and textures, the projects in this book engage the senses and are sure to inspire you to dive into your junk drawer and see what kinds of things you can create with newly found buttons, bottle caps, photos, wire, and paper scraps.

The thing I love most about the projects in Delight in the Art of Collage is that they’re so visually amazing, yet are really simple and fun to create. Each of the 40 projects in this book comes with a suggested materials list and detailed instructions to help you create your own mixed media collages. There are several step-by-step photos and tips to help you along the way…and, as is the case with most creative projects, you can easily make your project unique to you by slightly altering your materials to suit whatever you happen to have on hand.

If you’ve been in the frame of mind that mixed media and collage art is limited to a blank canvas…think again. While Lisa does include a variety of canvas-inspired projects, there are several projects in Delight in the Art of Collage that can be worn as jewelry. The Textile Cuff, for example, is a fabric-inspired bracelet that showcases all kinds of materials, including buttons, lace, flowers, beads, and rhinestones. It may sound intimidating, but this project, as well as all the projects in this book, are really driven by your own creativity. You can make them as detailed or as simple as you’d like…and you can use whatever materials you have to create something truly amazing.

True to its title, Delight in the Art of Collage really is a delight to read. It’s an inspirational book that will encourage you to give everything, no matter what its state or size, a second look…and might help open up a passion you didn’t know you had.

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