Baby Shower ~ Baby Shoe Decor

Mar 10, 2014

Baby Shoe

Need a baby shower decor piece? This project is perfect for a baby shower and was created from lots of Eileen Hull’s amazing dies. It’s no secret that I love Eileen’s dies as I have featured several projects using them but this one has the most dies used in one project. Just goes to show you how easy it is to incorporate so many in one project.

After assembling the baby shoe I covered it completely in plaster. I let it dry overnight then decoupaged a decorative napkin over the entire baby shoe. When I decoupage napkins onto a project I peel the decorative top layer from the napkin. This gives you a thin layer to decoupage and eliminates the chance of getting wrinkles from the under layers of the napkin.

Maya Road Trinket Pins make great centers for paper flowers and makes them super easy to attach to the baby shoe. I placed some Styrofoam inside the shoe and covered it with a piece of scrap material from my stash. This allowed me to easily attach the flowers to the shoe and stagger the flowers at different levels.

Eileen Hull Dies Used: Sizzix XL Die Shoe, Sizzix Bigz Die Doily Lace Medallion, Sizzix Bigz Die Flower Layers with Heart Petals, Sizzix Bigz Die Borders & Hydrangeas (flowers), Sizzix XL Die Block, Cube Bank (letter B), Sizzix XL Die Block, Cubes (heart)


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