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Feb 12, 2014

Mica Gloss Inks

Are you famil­iar with Mica Gloss Metal­lic Pig­ment Inks? If not, Metal­lic Pig­ment Inks are rich metal­lic col­ors that add awe­some col­or to all forms of art­work. You can apply these inks with a bray­er, paint brush, or my favorite, your fin­gers. You can use Metal­lic Pig­ment Inks on paper, jew­el­ry, shrink plas­tic, and rub­ber stamps. You can also heat set them on non-porous sur­faces. These lit­tle bot­tles pack a big punch too, a lit­tle goes a long way with these inks.

On the top pho­to I used a paint brush to apply the Mica Gloss Metal­lic Pig­ment Ink to the embell­ish­ments. Once I had the inks as I liked them and heat set them using a hand held heat tool I applied a coat­ing of Fluxe Enam­el­ing Resin over the Metal­lic Pig­ment Inks. Fluxe gives the effects of high-gloss resin that comes in an easy to use pow­der. You can melt it to a hard fin­ish using a toast­er oven set at 250 °F or melt it using a lit­tle secret I dis­cov­ered and share in my book.

On the bot­tom mini can­vas embell­ish­ments since I was cov­er­ing a large area I used my fin­gers. Once heat set this flower was ready to be attached to the base using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.

Metallic Pigment Inks Flower

The step by step instruc­tions and the unique ways I cre­at­ed the heart and flower shapes for these two projects can be found in “Delight In The Art of Col­lage.” An auto­graphed copy can be pur­chased in my online store or on Ama­zon.

If you already own a copy, I thank you and will appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to leave a Cus­tomer Review on Ama­zon. Reviews can be left even if you have not pur­chased my book from Ama­zon. As long as you have pur­chased items from Ama­zon your review can be left.


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