Embedded Objects in Beeswax

Feb 6, 2014

Beeswax House

Embedding miscellaneous objects into beeswax is a technique that allows for some pretty amazing results with your mixed media projects. Some of my favorite items to embed are scanned copies of old photos, vintage ephemera, buttons, feathers and dried flowers. The look these items give to your projects are fabulous and as you can see, I embedded all my favorites into this Putz style house. The photo embedded on the front of the house is of my great grandmother on her wedding day and is one of my favorites I have of her.

I prefer using natural beeswax pellets over white beeswax pellets and is only because of it’s off white color. The coloring of the natural beeswax goes perfectly with my vintage style. I also don’t have or use any high end encaustic tools. I use a basic Clover Quilting Iron set on low and a hand held heat tool to melt the pellets. These two tools meet most all my needs. There are times when I need a larger amount of beeswax and it’s then that I’ll use a melting pot and brush the melted beeswax onto my project using a natural bristled paint brush.

Beeswax House Close Up

If you want to learn how to create this Putz style house using beeswax and embedded objects the directions and house pattern are included in my new book “Delight in The Art of Collage”. An autographed copy can be purchased in my online store or on Amazon.

If you already own a copy, I thank you and will appreciate you taking the time to leave a Customer Review on Amazon. Reviews can be left even if you have not purchased my book from Amazon. As long as you have purchased items from Amazon your review can be left.



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