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Feb 4, 2014

Assemblage Doll

I am always asked, “What are you going to do with this thing?” when I pur­chase odd items as I’m out and about junk­ing. Hon­est­ly, some­times I have not one clue but I’ve learned from expe­ri­ence if I see some­thing that real­ly intrigues me or some­thing that I’m on the fence about I make the pur­chase. My dad has a say­ing, “You only regret the things you don’t buy.” and he’s right!

Today, I thought I would show you what I did with lots of ran­dom items that helped me cre­ate this assem­blage style doll. Now I know this might not be for every­one but I just love her and have her sit­ting on my shelf in my stu­dio.

As you can see she is made from lots of dif­fer­ent flea mar­ket and non-flea mar­ket finds. If you want to know how to cre­ate her wire skirt and put her togeth­er the instruc­tions are in “Delight In The Art of Col­lage”. If you want an auto­graphed copy you can pur­chase one from me HERE or you can pur­chase one on Ama­zon HERE.

Assemblage Doll Close Up

Start­ing from the top is a bisque doll bust that sits on top a vin­tage wood­en spool. It’s accent­ed with quilt strips, daisy trim, pearls, a vin­tage but­ton and rhine­stone trim. The shoul­ders of the doll are minia­ture wood­en spools that have clear glass beads attached at each end.

The wood­en spool is attached to the top of a clear vin­tage zip­per con­tain­er I filled with col­ored but­tons to add a lit­tle piz­zazz to her mid-sec­tion.

The skirt is cre­at­ed from two vin­tage jel­lo molds stacked on top of each oth­er with wire skirt­ing sur­round­ing the molds. The beads attached to the wire skirt come from vin­tage ear­rings that were clus­ters of dan­gling beads. As soon as I saw these ear­rings I bought them  as I knew tak­en apart the beads would be per­fect for projects.

On the back of the bust I attached silk leaves to cre­ate wings. The vin­tage but­ton in the cen­ter of the leaves helps hide the bot­tom ends of the leaves and allows me to hide the adhe­sive too.

Assemblage Doll Back

Woven through the wire skirt­ing is tan seam bind­ing. This trim helped bal­ance the doll and pull every­thing togeth­er. She is eclec­tic and funky and I love her.



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