Trash to Treasure Shrine Pendant

Jan 20, 2014

Broken Salt Shaker

I had a lit­tle mishap with a vin­tage salt shak­er and had to keep it because of the way the front sec­tion broke. I was think­ing it would cre­ate a super cute shad­ow box type project so I hung on to it. Well, the oth­er day as I was look­ing at it I thought it looked like a shrine. This is when I had a light bulb moment… cre­ate a big funky shrine pen­dant.

The first thing I need­ed to do was smooth out the sharp edges. I applied sol­der­ing tape all along the bro­ken edges and start­ed sol­der­ing. Once I had the this as I liked I start­ed dig­ging in my vin­tage jew­el­ry pieces for per­fect rhine­stone accents. When at flea mar­kets, antique shops or thrift stores I love look­ing for bro­ken jew­el­ry pieces as they are per­fect to embell­ish all kinds of projects.

Soldering & Rhinestones

I added a lay­er of resin sprin­kled with sil­ver Ger­man glass glit­ter to the inside back of the shak­er then let it cure over night. Once the resin was cured I altered one of my hand­made Frozen Char­lotte dolls to fit inside the shak­er. I attached the doll using E6000. To fill some of the excess space inside I added a few sprigs of vin­tage flow­ers.

I cre­at­ed the hang­er for my pen­dant using a piece of 20 gauge wire. I cut a piece of wire about 4 inch­es long with wire cut­ters,  then wrapped the wire around the tip of my nee­dle nose pli­ers so once I thread the wire through the top of the shak­er lid it would stay in place. Next, I cre­at­ed a loop in the wire about a 1/2″ from the top of the shak­ers top and start­ed wrap­ping the excess wire around and around. Once the hang­er was fin­ished I attached some rosary type pearl bead chain and tied a knot of seam bind­ing, lace and scal­lop trim.

Shrine Pendant

I love this shrine pen­dant so much I believe I could wear it every sin­gle day. Now I just wish I could break anoth­er shak­er just like this one so I can make anoth­er.


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