Trash to Treasure Pendants

Jan 10, 2014

Goodness, I tell ya I see art in everything I see from junk mail to broken pieces of glass ready to be thrown away and nabbed at the very last second. I’m always thinking I can make something out of this… Which is why my studio is NEVER clean or uncluttered for more than a day! I’m constantly finding unique things I just cannot pass up. Just take a look at these pendants I created out of discarded glass. I LOVE that no two will ever be alike. I’m not sure about you but I LOVE one of a kind jewelry.

Pendants   Pendants Side View

Bird & Purple Confetti

Pendant Trio

Small Pendants

I posted a bracelet and some glass shard pendants in a previous blog post HERE and listed some in my Etsy Shop. I wish the sun would come out so I could get some really good photos. These just do not do any of the pieces justice as the glass shards and pieces are so vibrant and some even have a little sparkle.


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