Jewelry Clay, Resin & Baubles

Jan 30, 2014

Pendants, Charms & Baubles

If you have not tried EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and Jewelry Resin I highly recommend you do. These products are super easy to use and have endless possibilities. I’m really having a lot of fun creating unique charms and pendants incorporating both products. The hardest part for me is being patient enough to allow the clay and resin to cure. My little secret is to let the clay and resin cure overnight to cut down on my needing to be patient for too long. It works like a charm.

One thing to remember is resin does not like cold weather at all. To fix this issue I let my projects cure overnight with a desk lamp on aiming directly over the items. The heat from the lamp is just warm enough to allow my resin to cure properly.

The pendants shown are available for purchase in my Esty Shop. I like the hidden message in the “Key” charm pendant, “The Key is to Open your Heart and Believe”. Such a sweet inspirational piece.


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