DIY Valentine’s Day Charm Bracelet

Jan 23, 2014


This bracelet came to mind as I was strolling the aisles of Hobby Lobby. I love just roaming around looking at things and really love it when inspiration hits. I’ve created this tutorial so you too can create this super cute charm bracelet to wear for Valentine’s Day.

Miniature Ornaments & Bracelet

Supplies Used

To make your bracelet you will need to head to the Valentine’s day aisle to get these cute miniature cookie ornaments (on sale right now for 30% off) then head to the jewelry aisle to get this chain bracelet, some silver 2″ head pins, silver jump rings to make wire wrapped bead charms and some silver earring hooks.

I already had pink and red raspberry beads as well as iridescent (large & medium) and pink (small) glass beads to make the triple bead charms. If you don’t have these or similar beads grab some of these too as well as some basic wire jewelry tools if you don’t have any.

Adding the hearts

Attach a silver jump ring to 10 of the miniature heart ornaments (4 red, 3 white, 3 pink) and attach each heart charm to the bracelet. I left 2 links between each heart charm.

NOTE: After I got the bracelet completed I decided to add some Diamond Stickles to each of the heart designs and cover the top icing part of the heart with resin. I highly recommend if you want to do this to do it BEFORE you get the bracelet all together and do all 12 hearts. 

Adding raspberry beads

Next create wire wrapped bead charms using 4 red raspberry beads and 5 pink raspberry beads and attach them to the bracelet alternating between colors. Click HERE to watch a good video on youtube showing you how to wire wrap a bead.

Adding glass beads

Now you are ready to make your next set of triple bead charms. Thread one round clear iridescent bead, one slightly smaller iridescent bead and a small pale pink bead onto a 2″ silver pin head and wire wrap the beads to secure them in place. Add a jump ring to the triple bead charm and attach to the bracelet.

NOTE: In the above photo you can see the Diamond Stickles and resin coating on the top of the hearts.


And since there are 12 miniature heart ornaments in the package and you only use 10 for the bracelet you have 2 left over to make a matching set of earrings or two charms for a necklace. Talk about CUTE!


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