Cupid’s Feathered Friend

Jan 21, 2014

Cupid's Feathered Friend

Place a few drops of pink dye or Mist into a small cup of water, (the more dye the dark­er the col­or, less dye the lighter the col­or), mix togeth­er. Using a paint brush, apply dyed water onto white bird and let dry. You can speed up the dry­ing process using a hair dry­er set on the cool set­ting. Cov­er the body of the bird with a thin lay­er of instant decoupage, then apply Light Pink Glit­ter, tap off excess glit­ter and let dry. Cov­er the wings of the bird with instant decoupage and apply a thin lay­er of Iri­des­cent Glit­ter and let dry. Apply instant decoupage to the beak of the bird then apply Fine Sil­ver Glass Glit­ter, let dry. As you can see there is a lot of dry­ing time but it should not take long between glit­ter appli­ca­tions.

Cupid's Feathered Friend

Cre­ate a small cone hat out of a book page. Using a hot glue gun or strong liq­uid adhe­sive adhere a sil­ver pipe clean­er to the base of the hat. Apply a thin lay­er of instant decoupage onto the hat, sprin­kle mica onto the hat and let dry. Using a hot glue gun or liq­uid adhe­sive attach the cone hat to birds head.

Cupid's Feathered Friend

Cre­ate a tiny ban­ner out of ledge paper with XO XO typed or print­ed on it, trim ends and accent edge using Plat­inum Stick­les. Accent the ban­ner by adding a felt heart and let dry. Attach the ban­ner onto beak using a strong liq­uid glue or hot glue gun.

Using a glue gun attach 12 minia­ture flow­ers around the neck of the bird and 5 minia­ture flow­ers around the top of the cone hat. Cre­ate a bow using brown & white baker’s twine and attach it to the front of flower gar­land.

Tip: If using the bird style that has a clip or wire, tem­porar­i­ly attach the bird to the end of a ruler. This makes work­ing with and hold­ing them much eas­i­er.


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