Winter Ice Storm

Dec 9, 2013

Friday, all of Frisco was covered in a blanket of ice and sleet. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to keep our electricity but lots of others were not. Since I love winter so much I had to step outside and snap some photos as the landscaping was so gorgeous enveloped in ice. There is something so calming to me being outside in the winter. I love breathing the crisp air, feeling the cold on my cheeks and my nose running from the chill in the air. Winter truly is my favorite season.

During the day, I enjoyed sitting in my studio sipping hot chocolate while working and watching a little girl ice skate up and down our street with her friends running along her side. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone wearing ice skates outside in north Texas. She and her friends giggled, slid and ran around enjoying every minute of their snow day. It was so cute to watch and made me miss Terri and Ansley running in and out with all their friends enjoying their snow day. This truly feels like a blink of an eye.

Viola in ice

Holly Leaves and Berries

Birdbath outside my studio window

Elm Tree

Icicles on fence


Oak leaves covered in ice

Oak leaves in ice


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