Mom’s Sugar Cookies

Dec 30, 2013

Mom's Sugar Cookies

I got a hands on les­son in mak­ing mom’s sug­ar cook­ies while vis­it­ing my par­ents for Christ­mas. I did my best to doc­u­ment just how she makes her cook­ies so you too can enjoy the best sug­ar cook­ies ever. Let me know if you try the recipe and send me a pho­to of your cook­ies as I would love to see them.

Rolling out the dough

Once the dough has chilled for about an hour roll the dough to about 1/4 inch thick. Cut with cook­ie cut­ters and coat each cook­ie with sug­ar. Bake cook­ies at 375 degrees for 5–6 min­utes. They should be a light gold­en brown on the bot­tom and slight­ly firm to the touch. When pressed with your fin­ger­tip, if a dip remains in the cook­ie cook for anoth­er minute.

Cut out with sugar on top

Once baked, place cook­ies on a cool­ing rack to let com­plete­ly cool before icing. If you don’t let them cool com­plete­ly the icing will melt and run off.

baked and cooling

Sift approx­i­mate­ly 4–5 cups of pow­dered sug­ar into a mix­ing bowl. I am tru­ly guess­ing because the lit­tle woman just dumps the pow­dered sug­ar into the bowl until it looks right. Ugh, how is a kitchen chal­lenge daugh­ter sup­posed to learn to cook? My mom is just like her mom and it makes me laugh. I remem­ber ask­ing my grand­moth­er how to make a few things and she told me the very same thing. Ok back to the cook­ies. Slow­ly add milk to the pow­dered sug­ar and stir to mix. Add vanil­la to mix­ture con­tin­u­ing to stir. Add food col­or­ing of your choice and mix well. Mom likes her icing to have a medi­um con­sis­ten­cy.

Sifting the powdered sugar

Once the icing is ready mom just places her cook­ie face down onto the icing then uses her mix­ing spoon to remove excess icing drips. Genius I tell ya… so easy.

icing the cookies

Finished cookies

Once you fin­ish icing all your cook­ies let the icing dry com­plete­ly before stack­ing them on top of each oth­er. Enjoy as these are the best sug­ar cook­ies I have ever eat­en.


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