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Dec 27, 2013

Brittain & Me

This year, we seemed to celebrated Christmas a little bit at a time. We had a family get together with Terri and Laren at their loft on the 23rd then a small Christmas celebration at our house Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning, my nephew Brittain and I headed down to Beaumont to see family and celebrate Christmas with my parents. Alan and Ansley both had to work on the 26th so they couldn’t come along but when I return home they’ll have a small Christmas celebration with the gifts I bring back.

Lots of gift giving

We arrived at mom and dad’s house in the late afternoon and everyone was ready to exchange gifts. It’s always a flurry of excitement during Christmas at mom and dad’s. I’ve been very blessed to always have an amazing Christmas. Mom and Dad have always enjoyed this holiday and to this day make it special. But when your dad is Santa, really how could you not have an amazing Christmas?

It's a selfie Merry Christmas

And of course, I had to take a selfie family Christmas photo. I drive everyone crazy with this type of photo but I think it’s fun and I always love the photo so they all just sit and humor me for a second, or two, or three.

Me, My sister, Nieces & Nephew

And to keep up with the tradition of my selfie photos I had my nieces Amanda, Madelyn and Bellie pose with me along with my sister Belinda. I love how my nephew Brittain photo bombed our selfie.

Mom's Sugar Cookies I’ve literally eaten Mom’s awesome sugar cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are the best sugar cookies ever!

Madelyn & Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Mom and I helped Madelyn and Bellie make a Gingerbread House. They LOVED making it and I think they ate just as much candy and icing as they put on the house.

Reindeer Noses

To finish out the night, I showed Madelyn and Bellie how they too could have a red nose like Rudolph by sticking a small Christmas light up each nostril… oh how they glowed and the giggles were priceless. I can remember my brother Richard and I doing this for years when we were their age.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.


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