Documenting My December Album Pt. 3

Dec 17, 2013

Over the week­end, I start­ed adding pho­tos, cre­at­ed a fun snow filled pock­et and attached some baubles to the jump rings of my album. This album is com­ing togeth­er nice­ly and I’m hav­ing so much cre­ative fun, no dead­lines, no spe­cif­ic require­ments just fun!

Adding baubles

I decid­ed the top jump ring of my album need­ed a lit­tle spruc­ing up so I dug in my Christ­mas stash and added sev­er­al hol­i­day themed items, a vin­tage bell orna­ment, gold & sil­ver jin­gle bells and a white snowflake trans­paren­cy. Each item is attached with hol­i­day trims in col­ors of red and green.


Kissing Santa

And in this fam­i­ly no Christ­mas is com­plete unless you have a pho­to tak­en with San­ta a.k.a. Paw Paw. This is my dad’s 11th year as San­ta at Park­dale Mall in Beau­mont, Texas. He tru­ly is the BEST San­ta. There are fam­i­lies that have made sure to come to his shift for all 11 years. How awe­some is it to have your child’s pho­to with the same San­ta their entire child­hood.

Pocket filled with Snow

I had so much fun cre­at­ing this clear pock­et for my Doc­u­ment Decem­ber album. I filled the pock­et with items I already had in my stash… Maya Road White Trans­paren­cy Snowflakes, Jen­ni Bowl­in Clas­sic Assort­ment Sequins and Stam­p­en­dous Shaved Ice. The pock­et is cre­at­ed from a clear sheet pro­tec­tor.  I’ve had a stack in my clos­et for YEARS just wait­ing for this very project, at least this is what I’m telling my fam­i­ly because I have the hard­est time get­ting rid of things as I know I will use it some­day.

To make your snow filled pock­et, cut two pieces from a clear sheet pro­tec­tor to 4″ x 6″.  Using a sewing machine stitch a sim­ple straight stitch all around three sides, fill the pock­et with the items you chose and stitch the pock­et closed. I used a Crop-a-Dile to punch two holes on the left side then placed it in my album. I love how it looks!

Doc­u­ment­ing My Decem­ber Album Pt. 2

Doc­u­ment­ing My Decem­ber Album


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