Strands of Strength

Nov 12, 2013

I love her

Today, I have to tell you about my super sweet 10 year old niece, Made­lyn. This is a self­ie I took of us soon after I arrived in Beau­mont, last Thurs­day. I want­ed to cap­ture a pho­to that por­trayed how proud I am of her and how adorable she looks with her new hair cut. After learn­ing about “Stands of Strength” in an adver­tise­ment through Altus Can­cer Cen­ter Made­lyn dis­cov­ered there was going to be a local event held for those who wished to, could donate their hair. Well Made­lyn being the super sweet, giv­ing and thought­ful lit­tle girl start­ed grow­ing out her hair so she could donate it to “Strands of Strength”.

Estab­lished in 2011 by a can­cer sur­vivor, Strands of Strength (SOS) is a non­prof­it orga­ni­za­tion whose mis­sion is to pro­vide wigs free of charge to needy women suf­fer­ing hair loss due to can­cer treat­ment. The wigs offered by Strands of Strength dis­guise hair loss, decrease feel­ings of vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty and pro­vide greater self-esteem, hope­ful­ly result­ing in the per­son­al strength need­ed to suc­cess­ful­ly bat­tle the dis­ease.

A few days before Made­lyn was to donate her hair my sis­ter, Belin­da asked her if she still want­ed to fol­low through with the dona­tion. She replied back to my sis­ter say­ing, “My hair will grow back. I want some­one who needs it to enjoy it.


Thairapy Hair Salon came out and gave new hair­cuts to each donor then offered either a man­i­cure or a mas­sage. Made­lyn decid­ed on the man­i­cure because well, a mas­sage would tick­le. Then before she left they hand­ed her a gift bag filled with every­thing a lit­tle girl would love, nail pol­ish, lip­gloss and lots of oth­er girly things. She was treat­ed like a lit­tle princess and left feel­ing very proud of her­self.

Made­lyn end­ed up donat­ing two very long pony­tails.

Gosh, I love her so much!!!


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