Strands of Strength

Nov 12, 2013

I love her

Today, I have to tell you about my super sweet 10 year old niece, Madelyn. This is a selfie I took of us soon after I arrived in Beaumont, last Thursday. I wanted to capture a photo that portrayed how proud I am of her and how adorable she looks with her new hair cut. After learning about “Stands of Strength” in an advertisement through Altus Cancer Center Madelyn discovered there was going to be a local event held for those who wished to, could donate their hair. Well Madelyn being the super sweet, giving and thoughtful little girl started growing out her hair so she could donate it to “Strands of Strength“.

Established in 2011 by a cancer survivor, Strands of Strength (SOS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide wigs free of charge to needy women suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment. The wigs offered by Strands of Strength disguise hair loss, decrease feelings of vulnerability and provide greater self-esteem, hopefully resulting in the personal strength needed to successfully battle the disease.

A few days before Madelyn was to donate her hair my sister, Belinda asked her if she still wanted to follow through with the donation. She replied back to my sister saying, “My hair will grow back. I want someone who needs it to enjoy it.


Thairapy Hair Salon came out and gave new haircuts to each donor then offered either a manicure or a massage. Madelyn decided on the manicure because well, a massage would tickle. Then before she left they handed her a gift bag filled with everything a little girl would love, nail polish, lipgloss and lots of other girly things. She was treated like a little princess and left feeling very proud of herself.

Madelyn ended up donating two very long ponytails.

Gosh, I love her so much!!!


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