Delightful Arty Crush ~ Danielle Donaldson

Nov 29, 2013

“Delight­ful Arty Crush” is a fea­ture I have on my blog which show­cases artists who’s work I admire and find inspir­ing. It fea­tures a wide range of artists from col­lage, tex­tile, encaus­tic and lots of other amaz­ing medi­ums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspir­ing as I do and I hope you will visit their blogs and other links included in their fea­ture. The images I share with you are just the tip of the ice­berg in regards to their awesomeness.

Danielle Donaldson

Danielle Donaldson Banner

Today, my “Delightful Arty Crush” featured artist is Danielle Donaldson. I first discovered Danielle’s amazing art on Instagram. I kept seeing these little snippets of her art off and on and fell in love, so much so that I had to start following her. The girls Danielle draws and paints using watercolors, ink and doodles are fabulous. Each piece is whimsical and delightful. I think you will develop a “Delightful Arty Crush” on her too after seeing some of her creations.

Danielle Creates ~ Watercolor Illustrations


Danielle Creates ~ Mixed Media Art

Danielle Mixed Media

Danielle Sells Her Art ~ Etsy Shop

Danielle's Etsy Shop

Danielle Teaches ~ Studying Under The Masters

Studying Under The Masters

Danielle Sells Creative Kits ~ Clovers and Bingo

clovers and bingo

Seriously, isn’t Danielle just incredible?! I hope you now have a Danielle Arty Crush too, if so and you want to follow her each and every creative move, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Insta­gram, and Pin­ter­est just like me.


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