My Life In A Dinghy ~ Suze Wienberg

Oct 1, 2013

Suze Weinberg “My Life In A Dinghy”, featured artist, Suze Weinberg.  Suze just celebrated 50 years of marriage to her fabulous Lenny. They have three great adult kids and 4 “to die for” grandkids.  She and Lenny have one cat and a house full of amazing stuff  they’ve collected from trips all over the world. Suze was in the world of crafts for 25+ years and loved every minute of it but she finally retired in January of 2011. Suze enjoys many things like music, travel, adventure, movies, photography, cats, family, singing, american idol, anything techno and her ipod touch.

Suze and "The Lenster"

Suze’s, Life In A Dinghy

It’s the SCHMOOZE house boat where Lenny and Suze are sailing away for their 50th anniversary to some far away romantic destination !!

Suze and "The Lenster"

Suze and "The Lenster"

I’d for sure venture anyplace with Suze and Lenny in their SCHMOOZE house boat! They are one fun couple.


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