My Life In A Dinghy ~ PDF

Oct 7, 2013

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Collage

Thank you ALL for each and every sweet comment and email left and sent for this blog feature. I and I’m certain all the amazing artists featured really appreciated them. Since so many of you asked for the dinghy template I decided to share the PDF so you too can participate and create your very own “My Life In A Dinghy”. Please, if you create a dinghy send me a photo as I would love to see and read what life would be like in your dinghy. And you never know you too might be featured on my blog as I’m planning to continue this blog feature. So watch for new “My Life In A Dinghy” features as they will be sailing through off and on throughout the remainder of the year.

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Template

Now that I’m back from a two week drive with mom and dad from Texas to WV, DE, NH and ME I’ll be back to posting some fun card and project posts sprinkled of course with a few of my favorite vacation photos. I’ve never driven through these states in the fall and now I hope to return each autumn as each state provided a spectacular view.


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