My Life In A Dinghy ~ Brenda Richards

Oct 2, 2013

Brenda Richards

“My Life In A Dinghy”, featured artist, Brenda Richards. I bet you are wondering how you’ve missed this artist. Well, Brenda Richards is my Aunt! While driving my mom and dad up to West Virginia, New Hampshire  and Maine we stopped in Delaware for a night to pick her up and bring her along. As I was walking in her house what did I see sitting on a shelf, but a little dinghy she created as a surprise after reading about this fun blog feature. Is she so awesome or what!? I love that Aunt Brenda took the time to make her own little dinghy but then she’s always taken the time to do for and surprise me all my life.

Brenda Richards

Aunt Brenda’s, Life In A Dinghy

Sailing over the ocean blue by the light of the silvery moon on a starry, starry night.

Brenda Richards

Brenda Richards


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