My Life In A Dinghy ~ Brenda Richards

Oct 2, 2013

Brenda Richards

“My Life In A Dinghy”, fea­tured artist, Bren­da Richards. I bet you are won­der­ing how you’ve missed this artist. Well, Bren­da Richards is my Aunt! While dri­ving my mom and dad up to West Vir­ginia, New Hamp­shire  and Maine we stopped in Delaware for a night to pick her up and bring her along. As I was walk­ing in her house what did I see sit­ting on a shelf, but a lit­tle dinghy she cre­at­ed as a sur­prise after read­ing about this fun blog fea­ture. Is she so awe­some or what!? I love that Aunt Bren­da took the time to make her own lit­tle dinghy but then she’s always tak­en the time to do for and sur­prise me all my life.

Brenda Richards

Aunt Bren­da’s, Life In A Dinghy

Sail­ing over the ocean blue by the light of the sil­very moon on a star­ry, star­ry night.

Brenda Richards

Brenda Richards


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