Deerfield Fair

Oct 14, 2013

While on the epic road trip with my mom and dad, one day we, along with other family members attended the Deerfield Fair. This was the fair my dad, his siblings and parents went to every year. Even though it has grown quite a bit since dad was a kid the feel and events were still the same. I truly enjoyed the entire experience as it still had that old fashioned non-commercialized feel and dad got to relive a part of his childhood all over again.

Deerfield Fari

As we entered you could feel all the excitement from people young and old. They had vintage tractor displays, log splitting machines from the very early 1900’s that were running and making music for the old timers, Fried Dough was the first thing Mom purchased and mine was a little bit of everything in the Maple Shack. I LOVE Maple candies and syrup and this was the best! They even had Maple flavored cotton candy to which aunt Brenda headed straight for.

Arts & Crafts

After Mom and I finished off her Fried Dough we headed into the Arts & Crafts building. I saw some of the most amazing handmade quilts, doilies, afghans, braided rugs, cross-stitch and more. One quilt (top row, center) was a Dear Jane quilt. It was stunning and took the lady that made it 11 years to complete.

Agriculture Building

As we continued to make our way to the Horse Pulling area to meet up with dad, mom and I went into the Agriculture building. Talk about some incredible looking fruits and vegetables. The Giant Pumpkin weighed in at 1,451.51 pounds. It was huge! And they had every kind of canned fruit and vegetable entered you could think of. As you can see they had lots of winners too.

Agriculture Building

Next we entered the Flower building. the Dahlia seen in the middle of this collage was HUGE, as in dinner plate size HUGE! Every single flower and arrangement entered was stunning. The people in New England know how to grow gorgeous flowers. I loved seeing all the old fashioned type flowers. Living in Texas you just don’t get to see many of them due to the heat. At least not in my area of Texas.


The oxen building had some of the sweetest looking and HUGE oxen I’ve ever seen. If I had a farm I would have to have a pair of oxen and some dairy cows. They have the sweetest faces. I know you should not want a cow due to cuteness but since I would live on a farm well my choice of cattle would be oxen and jersey cows. This adorable calf was loved and photographed by many and watching the 4H kids care for these animals made me so happy. They took such incredible care of them 24/7. I even saw a few kids napping with their cows.

Horse Pulling Contest

Finally mom and I made it over to dad to watch the Horse Pulling Contest. This event was crazy! These horses LOVE pulling. As soon as their owner hitched them to the blocks, as in less than a second of being hitched up, they took OFF RUNNING! Sometimes the horses thought they were hitched up because they heard a noise that sounded like it but weren’t and took off like a bolt of lightening with their handlers left to hold on tight trying to get them to stop. This was a really fun event to watch and we watched it for a good 4 hours. The horse team had to pull the blocks (500 pounds each) at least 6 feet. They had 3 attempts and had to complete their pull in 5 minutes.

The Family

The day was filled with loads of laughter, nostalgia and family photos. It’s a day I will hold near and dear in my heart as well as cherish forever. It was a fun old fashioned filled day spent with mom, dad, my aunts Linda and Brenda, uncle Wayne and a very tired cousin, David. Poor David was running on about 4 hours of sleep.

If you’ve never attended the Deerfield Fair and you would like to attend an old fashioned feel type fair put this one on your bucket list and plan a trip to New Hampshire in the fall. It’s a day that will take you back to simpler times. I plan to attend again.



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