Deerfield Fair

Oct 14, 2013

While on the epic road trip with my mom and dad, one day we, along with oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers attend­ed the Deer­field Fair. This was the fair my dad, his sib­lings and par­ents went to every year. Even though it has grown quite a bit since dad was a kid the feel and events were still the same. I tru­ly enjoyed the entire expe­ri­ence as it still had that old fash­ioned non-com­mer­cial­ized feel and dad got to relive a part of his child­hood all over again.

Deerfield Fari

As we entered you could feel all the excite­ment from peo­ple young and old. They had vin­tage trac­tor dis­plays, log split­ting machines from the very ear­ly 1900’s that were run­ning and mak­ing music for the old timers, Fried Dough was the first thing Mom pur­chased and mine was a lit­tle bit of every­thing in the Maple Shack. I LOVE Maple can­dies and syrup and this was the best! They even had Maple fla­vored cot­ton can­dy to which aunt Bren­da head­ed straight for.

Arts & Crafts

After Mom and I fin­ished off her Fried Dough we head­ed into the Arts & Crafts build­ing. I saw some of the most amaz­ing hand­made quilts, doilies, afghans, braid­ed rugs, cross-stitch and more. One quilt (top row, cen­ter) was a Dear Jane quilt. It was stun­ning and took the lady that made it 11 years to com­plete.

Agriculture Building

As we con­tin­ued to make our way to the Horse Pulling area to meet up with dad, mom and I went into the Agri­cul­ture build­ing. Talk about some incred­i­ble look­ing fruits and veg­eta­bles. The Giant Pump­kin weighed in at 1,451.51 pounds. It was huge! And they had every kind of canned fruit and veg­etable entered you could think of. As you can see they had lots of win­ners too.

Agriculture Building

Next we entered the Flower build­ing. the Dahlia seen in the mid­dle of this col­lage was HUGE, as in din­ner plate size HUGE! Every sin­gle flower and arrange­ment entered was stun­ning. The peo­ple in New Eng­land know how to grow gor­geous flow­ers. I loved see­ing all the old fash­ioned type flow­ers. Liv­ing in Texas you just don’t get to see many of them due to the heat. At least not in my area of Texas.


The oxen build­ing had some of the sweet­est look­ing and HUGE oxen I’ve ever seen. If I had a farm I would have to have a pair of oxen and some dairy cows. They have the sweet­est faces. I know you should not want a cow due to cute­ness but since I would live on a farm well my choice of cat­tle would be oxen and jer­sey cows. This adorable calf was loved and pho­tographed by many and watch­ing the 4H kids care for these ani­mals made me so hap­py. They took such incred­i­ble care of them 24/7. I even saw a few kids nap­ping with their cows.

Horse Pulling Contest

Final­ly mom and I made it over to dad to watch the Horse Pulling Con­test. This event was crazy! These hors­es LOVE pulling. As soon as their own­er hitched them to the blocks, as in less than a sec­ond of being hitched up, they took OFF RUNNING! Some­times the hors­es thought they were hitched up because they heard a noise that sound­ed like it but weren’t and took off like a bolt of light­en­ing with their han­dlers left to hold on tight try­ing to get them to stop. This was a real­ly fun event to watch and we watched it for a good 4 hours. The horse team had to pull the blocks (500 pounds each) at least 6 feet. They had 3 attempts and had to com­plete their pull in 5 min­utes.

The Family

The day was filled with loads of laugh­ter, nos­tal­gia and fam­i­ly pho­tos. It’s a day I will hold near and dear in my heart as well as cher­ish for­ev­er. It was a fun old fash­ioned filled day spent with mom, dad, my aunts Lin­da and Bren­da, uncle Wayne and a very tired cousin, David. Poor David was run­ning on about 4 hours of sleep.

If you’ve nev­er attend­ed the Deer­field Fair and you would like to attend an old fash­ioned feel type fair put this one on your buck­et list and plan a trip to New Hamp­shire in the fall. It’s a day that will take you back to sim­pler times. I plan to attend again.



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