My Life In A Dingy ~ Stephenie Hamen

Sep 26, 2013

Stephenie Hamen

“My Life In A Dinghy” featured artist, Stephenie Hamen. Stephenie is a creative type person that fell in love with art at an early age. She has never met a set of crayons, a sheet of paper, or a bottle of glitter that she didn’t immediately fall in love with. She really got into crafting and creating with scrapbooking, which lead to other crafts and creative endeavors. While she still scrapbooks and dabbles in other various art projects, her current love is mixed media canvas art. Stephenie spends a significant amount of time in her craft room (aka the furnace room in her basement), creating, playing, and making a mess. When she isn’t covered in ink and paint, she is a wife and mother to two boys, as well as a full time employee for Fiskars as their Content and Social Media Manager. She has travelled all over the US and Canada to teach people about crafting and gardening. She is a blogger and has been featured on various blogs and in publications. Stephenie truly enjoys the creative process and sharing that with others via teaching and education of techniques, tips, and projects in the crafting realm.

Steph's Dinghy

Stephenie’s, Life In A Dinghy

My dinghy is me, through and through. It is cozy and comfortable, and yet slightly off (hopefully in a good way). I have a very odd life. In some ways I am extremely analytical, logical, and organized. I work a full time corporate job and have two you boys, which means everything has a place, we have strict schedules, and organization reigns. That said, I am also very artistic and fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to my creative life and weekends. I play music loud, get paint and glitter on everything (including the kids), and lose hours of my life in my crafty adventures. What I love is finding amazing old treasures, embracing them, and using them without altering them too much. That is reflected in my dinghy.

Steph's Dinghy Sail

My sail is well loved and worn. The quote covers any holes or major issues, but you can see all of the history and wear and tear that is actually there. The same with the boat. It is wooden and well loved with stories that only can be held in the hull. I added some colorful splashes and renamed it, but it holds adventures that I can only dream of. I filled it with amazingly comfy and soft pillows that I will lounge on while listening to music, sailing from port to port, and staring at the clouds in the sky. Once in port, I will look for treasures that most would overlook. I will grab a bottle of wine, set up my easel, and get to work painting, creating, and just living a creative dream. More than likely, in the afternoon, you will find me on the beach, lounging in a hammock with a book on my lap and some sort of umbrella drink on the sand next to me, as I drift in and out of a wonderful nap, dreaming of the next creative project I will embrace. At night, I will dine on amazing local cuisine and then snuggle up on my boat and write poetry before bed. It would truly be a bohemian life of art, music, food, and adventure… until it was Monday and time to go back to being mom and corporate crusader.

Steph's Dinghy Close Up

I’m ready to join Stephenie in living the bohemian life style of art, music, food and adventure and say let’s just forget all about those Mondays.



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