My Life In A Dingy ~ Stephenie Hamen

Sep 26, 2013

Stephenie Hamen

“My Life In A Dinghy” fea­tured artist, Stephe­nie Hamen. Stephe­nie is a cre­ative type per­son that fell in love with art at an ear­ly age. She has nev­er met a set of crayons, a sheet of paper, or a bot­tle of glit­ter that she didn’t imme­di­ate­ly fall in love with. She real­ly got into craft­ing and cre­at­ing with scrap­book­ing, which lead to oth­er crafts and cre­ative endeav­ors. While she still scrap­books and dab­bles in oth­er var­i­ous art projects, her cur­rent love is mixed media can­vas art. Stephe­nie spends a sig­nif­i­cant amount of time in her craft room (aka the fur­nace room in her base­ment), cre­at­ing, play­ing, and mak­ing a mess. When she isn’t cov­ered in ink and paint, she is a wife and moth­er to two boys, as well as a full time employ­ee for Fiskars as their Con­tent and Social Media Man­ag­er. She has trav­elled all over the US and Cana­da to teach peo­ple about craft­ing and gar­den­ing. She is a blog­ger and has been fea­tured on var­i­ous blogs and in pub­li­ca­tions. Stephe­nie tru­ly enjoys the cre­ative process and shar­ing that with oth­ers via teach­ing and edu­ca­tion of tech­niques, tips, and projects in the craft­ing realm.

Steph's Dinghy

Stephe­nie’s, Life In A Dinghy

My dinghy is me, through and through. It is cozy and com­fort­able, and yet slight­ly off (hope­ful­ly in a good way). I have a very odd life. In some ways I am extreme­ly ana­lyt­i­cal, log­i­cal, and orga­nized. I work a full time cor­po­rate job and have two you boys, which means every­thing has a place, we have strict sched­ules, and orga­ni­za­tion reigns. That said, I am also very artis­tic and fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to my cre­ative life and week­ends. I play music loud, get paint and glit­ter on every­thing (includ­ing the kids), and lose hours of my life in my crafty adven­tures. What I love is find­ing amaz­ing old trea­sures, embrac­ing them, and using them with­out alter­ing them too much. That is reflect­ed in my dinghy.

Steph's Dinghy Sail

My sail is well loved and worn. The quote cov­ers any holes or major issues, but you can see all of the his­to­ry and wear and tear that is actu­al­ly there. The same with the boat. It is wood­en and well loved with sto­ries that only can be held in the hull. I added some col­or­ful splash­es and renamed it, but it holds adven­tures that I can only dream of. I filled it with amaz­ing­ly com­fy and soft pil­lows that I will lounge on while lis­ten­ing to music, sail­ing from port to port, and star­ing at the clouds in the sky. Once in port, I will look for trea­sures that most would over­look. I will grab a bot­tle of wine, set up my easel, and get to work paint­ing, cre­at­ing, and just liv­ing a cre­ative dream. More than like­ly, in the after­noon, you will find me on the beach, loung­ing in a ham­mock with a book on my lap and some sort of umbrel­la drink on the sand next to me, as I drift in and out of a won­der­ful nap, dream­ing of the next cre­ative project I will embrace. At night, I will dine on amaz­ing local cui­sine and then snug­gle up on my boat and write poet­ry before bed. It would tru­ly be a bohemi­an life of art, music, food, and adven­ture… until it was Mon­day and time to go back to being mom and cor­po­rate cru­sad­er.

Steph's Dinghy Close Up

I’m ready to join Stephe­nie in liv­ing the bohemi­an life style of art, music, food and adven­ture and say let’s just for­get all about those Mon­days.



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