My Life In A Dinghy

Sep 18, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you gave a group of artists the same template and asked them to create something in their very own unique style? Well, I have always wondered this and decided to act on this idea. I sent emails to my favorite artists in the craft industry, those who replied stating they could participate I then followed up by emailing them a template and two rules… 1. use the template I sent and 2. the base of their project had to be made from a toilet paper roll… yes, you read correctly a toilet paper roll. I was so happy to have enough artists wanting to participate that this new blog feature “My Life In A Dinghy” was created.

I will post each artists amazing dinghy along with a little write up they provided of what life will be like in their dingy. What I love so much about this feature is every artist stayed true to their style making every dinghy so unique and inspiring. Once all the artists have been featured I will then post the template so you too can create your own dinghy. I have a feeling you will be so inspired by theirs you will certainly want to create one of your own.

So do you want to know which amazing artists are participating? In no particular order you will discover what life will be like in a dinghy by these awesome arty peeps… Suze Weinberg, Rhonda Palazzari, Candy Rosenberg, Stephenie Hamen, Tammy Tutterow, Donna Salazar, Hels Sheridan, Richele Christensen and Paula Cheney.

To kick off this fun blog feature here is the dinghy I created along with what my life would be like in a dinghy.

My Life In a Dinghy

During the day I will enjoy soaking up the sun and listening to the ocean as I slowly drift from port to port gathering vintage treasures and textiles.

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Side

The outside of my dinghy will be covered in beautifully painted cabbage roses and accented with trims and rhinestones that sparkle in the sunlight like the stars at night. The sail is lovingly pieced together using tattered and torn pieces of white and cream colored laces and trims.

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Inside

At night, I will secure my dinghy in the ocean by a chain of soft pink rosary beads and an anchor made from crystal chandelier pieces. I will rest among my day’s finds of pearls, sparkly rhinestones and beautifully aged textiles and as I slowly drift off to sleep, I will eagerly anticipate the next day’s treasure hunt, in a new port among new friends.


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