My Life In A Dinghy

Sep 18, 2013

Have you ever won­dered what it would be like if you gave a group of artists the same tem­plate and asked them to cre­ate some­thing in their very own unique style? Well, I have always won­dered this and decid­ed to act on this idea. I sent emails to my favorite artists in the craft indus­try, those who replied stat­ing they could par­tic­i­pate I then fol­lowed up by email­ing them a tem­plate and two rules… 1. use the tem­plate I sent and 2. the base of their project had to be made from a toi­let paper roll… yes, you read cor­rect­ly a toi­let paper roll. I was so hap­py to have enough artists want­i­ng to par­tic­i­pate that this new blog fea­ture “My Life In A Dinghy” was cre­at­ed.

I will post each artists amaz­ing dinghy along with a lit­tle write up they pro­vid­ed of what life will be like in their dingy. What I love so much about this fea­ture is every artist stayed true to their style mak­ing every dinghy so unique and inspir­ing. Once all the artists have been fea­tured I will then post the tem­plate so you too can cre­ate your own dinghy. I have a feel­ing you will be so inspired by theirs you will cer­tain­ly want to cre­ate one of your own.

So do you want to know which amaz­ing artists are par­tic­i­pat­ing? In no par­tic­u­lar order you will dis­cov­er what life will be like in a dinghy by these awe­some arty peeps… Suze Wein­berg, Rhon­da Palaz­zari, Can­dy Rosen­berg, Stephe­nie Hamen, Tam­my Tut­terow, Don­na Salazar, Hels Sheri­dan, Richele Chris­tensen and Paula Cheney.

To kick off this fun blog fea­ture here is the dinghy I cre­at­ed along with what my life would be like in a dinghy.

My Life In a Dinghy

Dur­ing the day I will enjoy soak­ing up the sun and lis­ten­ing to the ocean as I slow­ly drift from port to port gath­er­ing vin­tage trea­sures and tex­tiles.

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Side

The out­side of my dinghy will be cov­ered in beau­ti­ful­ly paint­ed cab­bage ros­es and accent­ed with trims and rhine­stones that sparkle in the sun­light like the stars at night. The sail is lov­ing­ly pieced togeth­er using tat­tered and torn pieces of white and cream col­ored laces and trims.

My Life In A Dinghy ~ Inside

At night, I will secure my dinghy in the ocean by a chain of soft pink rosary beads and an anchor made from crys­tal chan­de­lier pieces. I will rest among my day’s finds of pearls, spark­ly rhine­stones and beau­ti­ful­ly aged tex­tiles and as I slow­ly drift off to sleep, I will eager­ly antic­i­pate the next day’s trea­sure hunt, in a new port among new friends.


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