My Life In A Dinghy ~ Hels Sheridan

Sep 25, 2013

Hels Sheridan

“My Life In A Dinghy” fea­tured artist, Hels Sheri­dan. Hels has been craft­ing since 2003, although she always did have a love of cov­er­ing every­thing in glit­ter and glue when she was a kid. Hels start­ed out mak­ing her own cards which then led to a brief stopover in scrap­book­ing and then she found her true crafty love, rub­ber stamp­ing. Hels has a bit of a thing for altered art and mixed media and is hap­pi­est when cov­ered in ink and paint. What start­ed out as a hob­by to release the stress­es of her career as a Train Dri­ver has become her job now after she had to leave dri­ving trains due to ill health. She is a full time craft tutor and demon­stra­tor and a Cer­ti­fied Ranger Edu­ca­tor. Hels is also on the design team for Craft Stam­per mag­a­zine in the UK and reg­u­lar­ly appears on Cre­ate & Craft TV which is a ded­i­cat­ed tel­ly chan­nel for craft, where she demon­strate rub­ber stamp­ing, Melt­ing Pot and mixed media.

Hels Sheridan Dinghy

Hels, Life In A Dinghy

Well, first­ly it would smell deli­cious as it is full of flow­ers… and it would be so peace­ful as it has its own res­i­dent but­ter­flies to bring calm­ness and seren­i­ty.

Hels Sheridan Dinghy Front

Inside my dinghy are piles of pearls that glis­ten and catch the light and because it is my dinghy, there is also a lit­tle berry tree grow­ing, so I can just go and pick berries when­ev­er I feel like it.  The main­sail is a lit­tle weath­er worn and tat­tered so I installed a wind up key at the back just in case we need some assis­tance sail­ing the ocean waves.  The dinghy is cov­ered in music because I can’t go any­where with­out music, life is too short and qui­et to not have some kind of music play­ing.  And, in case I for­get, the name plaque tells me to live the life I imag­ined… which is exact­ly what I shall be doing in my dinghy.

Hels Sheridan Dinghy Back

When I need a break from dead­lines and arty stress I’m going to think of sail­ing around with Hels in her dinghy filled with flow­ers and but­ter­flies. I think this would be the per­fect way to bring calm­ness and seren­i­ty to a stress­ful day.


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