Milk Glass

Sep 17, 2013

I have a seri­ous love for milk glass. When I spot pieces of it when I’m out look­ing for trin­kets to use in projects I think of every way pos­si­ble I can use it in my stu­dio. So today, I thought I would share with you some of the ways I use the pieces I’ve found.

Sherbet Dish

This lit­tle sher­bet dish holds some of my favorite glass but­tons. I placed the lit­tle bird on top of the but­tons just because it looked cute.


This is a small ash­tray. I place beads in it when I’m accent­ing embroi­dery pieces or sewing them into flower cen­ters. This is a great way to keep lose beads in one spot when stitch­ing.

Candy Dish

Sugar and Creamer

These items… can­dy dish, cups and saucers, bowl and sug­ar and cream­er are per­fect to use as storage/photo props. The can­dy dish is filled with crys­tal chan­de­lier pieces and the large bowl holds vin­tage mer­cury glass Christ­mas orna­ments. I use all of these as pho­to props for all kinds of projects.

Salt Shaker

This salt shak­er is filled with sil­ver Ger­man glass glit­ter. It’s the per­fect size and makes glit­ter­ing even more fun than it already is. Salt shak­ers either milk glass or clear are gor­geous ways to store glit­ter.

If you have a true love for milk glass check out my Pin­ter­est board “Delight In Milk Glass”. It has lots of beau­ti­ful pho­tos show­ing them used as home decor accents, planters, vas­es etc.

Tomor­row, I’m start­ing a new fea­ture on my blog called “My Life In A Dinghy.” I can’t wait to share with you the amaz­ing artists who cre­at­ed works of art for this fea­ture. I’m about to bust with excite­ment.


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