Delightful Arty Crush ~ Mister Finch

Sep 27, 2013

“Delightful Arty Crush” is a feature I have on my blog which showcases artists who’s work I admire and find inspiring. It features a wide range of artists from collage, textile, encaustic and lots of other amazing mediums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspiring as I do and I hope you will visit their blogs and other links included in their feature. The images I share with you are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to their awesomeness.

Mister Finch

“Making things has always been incredibly important to me and is often an amazing release to get it out of my system. It’s a joy to hunt for things for my work…the lost, found and forgotten all have places in what I make”.

Mister Finch

Today, my “Delightful Arty Crush” featured artist is, Mister Finch. Mister Finch creates some of the most amazing fairytale soft sculpture pieces I’ve ever seen. He uses scraps of thread, fabric and paper that he stitches and pulls into fairytale creatures like no other artist I’ve found. Most of his pieces use recycled materials, as he feels they add more authenticity and charm. Which I completely agree. He uses items like velvet curtains from an old hotel, threadbare wedding dresses and vintage aprons… be still my heart. I would love to go hunting for textiles with Mister Finch. Can you imagine how awesome it would be?!

Mister Finch Creates ~ Soft Sculptures

Soft Sculpture

 Mister Finch Creates ~ Bumblebees

Bumble Bee

Mister Finch Creates  ~ Moths


Mister Finch Creates ~ Toadstools


Mister Finch ~ Portfolio

Tea making spider

Mister Finch ~ Etsy Store 


Seriously, the fairytale pieces Mister Finch creates from scraps of thread, fabric and paper are just jaw dropping amazing! I hope you now have a Mister Finch Arty Crush, if so and you want to follow him via social media you can find Mister Finch on Facebook Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.

And just a little note, I added a “Delightful Arty Crush” badge to the side column of my blog. This way, with just one click you can easily find and view all previous Delightful Arty Crushes.


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