Delightful Arty Crush ~ Mister Finch

Sep 27, 2013

“Delight­ful Arty Crush” is a fea­ture I have on my blog which show­cas­es artists who’s work I admire and find inspir­ing. It fea­tures a wide range of artists from col­lage, tex­tile, encaus­tic and lots of oth­er amaz­ing medi­ums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspir­ing as I do and I hope you will vis­it their blogs and oth­er links includ­ed in their fea­ture. The images I share with you are just the tip of the ice­berg in regards to their awe­some­ness.

Mister Finch

“Mak­ing things has always been incred­i­bly impor­tant to me and is often an amaz­ing release to get it out of my sys­tem. It’s a joy to hunt for things for my work…the lost, found and for­got­ten all have places in what I make”.

Mister Finch

Today, my “Delight­ful Arty Crush” fea­tured artist is, Mis­ter Finch. Mis­ter Finch cre­ates some of the most amaz­ing fairy­tale soft sculp­ture pieces I’ve ever seen. He uses scraps of thread, fab­ric and paper that he stitch­es and pulls into fairy­tale crea­tures like no oth­er artist I’ve found. Most of his pieces use recy­cled mate­ri­als, as he feels they add more authen­tic­i­ty and charm. Which I com­plete­ly agree. He uses items like vel­vet cur­tains from an old hotel, thread­bare wed­ding dress­es and vin­tage aprons… be still my heart. I would love to go hunt­ing for tex­tiles with Mis­ter Finch. Can you imag­ine how awe­some it would be?!

Mis­ter Finch Cre­ates ~ Soft Sculp­tures

Soft Sculpture

 Mis­ter Finch Cre­ates ~ Bum­ble­bees

Bumble Bee

Mis­ter Finch Cre­ates  ~ Moths


Mis­ter Finch Cre­ates ~ Toad­stools


Mis­ter Finch ~ Port­fo­lio

Tea making spider

Mis­ter Finch ~ Etsy Store 


Seri­ous­ly, the fairy­tale pieces Mis­ter Finch cre­ates from scraps of thread, fab­ric and paper are just jaw drop­ping amaz­ing! I hope you now have a Mis­ter Finch Arty Crush, if so and you want to fol­low him via social media you can find Mis­ter Finch on Face­book Pin­ter­est, Insta­gram and Flickr.

And just a lit­tle note, I added a “Delight­ful Arty Crush” badge to the side col­umn of my blog. This way, with just one click you can eas­i­ly find and view all pre­vi­ous Delight­ful Arty Crush­es.


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