Outside My Window…

Aug 28, 2013

Canadian Geese

It always amazes me at all the wildlife we have around our house. Mind you we sit in the mid­dle of the burbs. But at any giv­en moment I can see Cana­di­an Geese strut­ting down our neigh­bor­hood street look­ing as though they are protest­ing against all the mal­lards tak­ing over the water­way. Or are get­ting ready for a West Side meets Easy Side scuf­fle.

Birds of a Feather

All day long I have birds vis­it­ing this bird­bath I made from a large piece of ter­ra cot­ta. Through­out the day birds come for a lit­tle drink on hot sum­mer after­noons or take a quick bath to cool them­selves off. And not a day goes by that I don’t have a mock­ing­bird and blue­jay spat­ting with one anoth­er out­side. I tell ya, it’s a busy lit­tle spot out­side my win­dow.


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