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Aug 22, 2013

Miniature Art

Today, I’m sharing a fun little (and I mean little as in 2″ x 2″  little) miniature canvas. I wanted the texture of this canvas to have that old stucco look and feel I came to love seeing on so many buildings while in Bellago, Italy. To start I covered the entire canvas with plaster, once dry I applied a thin coat of a cream colored acrylic paint over the entire canvas. Since I wanted the plaster to resemble old stucco I applied a color wash over the dried cream paint using a watered down brown acrylic paint. While the wash was still wet I used a dry paper towel to wipe off the excess color wash. This technique worked beautifully and the plaster finish looks just like the buildings I remember seeing in Bellagio.

Miniature Canvas

To complete my miniature canvas I accented the edges with scallops drawn using a charcoal pencil, covered the canvas entirely with bees wax, attached some vintage flocked flowers, a baker’s twine bow and a word cut from an old book.


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