Just carving, he said…

Aug 15, 2013

Several weeks ago while working in my studio, my nephew Brittain, who is now living with us while  attending college came in to chat. Well all of a sudden he started working away on something that involved a knife from my work table and a chopstick. While we were chatting he was intensely busy cutting small pieces from the chopstick and using some Tim Holtz Distress Markers. I asked him what he was doing and he said, just carving.

Oh if you are wondering why I keep chopsticks on my work table… well, I keep one on hand when soldering. FYI… Using chopsticks to steady pieces when soldering is an awesome tip my soldering instructor Trisha Conlon-Perkins shared during a class. She has saved my fingertips on more than one occasion with this wonderful tip.

After a bit my curiosity was really getting the best of me so I asked him what in the world he was so busy making and he held up these adorable miniature carvings and stated pencils and an eraser. I was so surprised when I saw them because he did these in about 10 minutes from start to finish. They are so realistic.

Pencils and Eraser

Well you can imagine how quickly I took them from him to snap a quick photo then I told him they were mine, placed them in a small glass bottle, put a jewelers tag around the top of the bottle with his name and year written on it and placed the bottle on a shelf in my studio where they will stay forever! I love them.

Miniature Carvings by Brittain



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