Just carving, he said…

Aug 15, 2013

Sev­er­al weeks ago while work­ing in my stu­dio, my nephew Brit­tain, who is now liv­ing with us while  attend­ing col­lege came in to chat. Well all of a sud­den he start­ed work­ing away on some­thing that involved a knife from my work table and a chop­stick. While we were chat­ting he was intense­ly busy cut­ting small pieces from the chop­stick and using some Tim Holtz Dis­tress Mark­ers. I asked him what he was doing and he said, just carv­ing.

Oh if you are won­der­ing why I keep chop­sticks on my work table… well, I keep one on hand when sol­der­ing. FYI… Using chop­sticks to steady pieces when sol­der­ing is an awe­some tip my sol­der­ing instruc­tor Trisha Con­lon-Perkins shared dur­ing a class. She has saved my fin­ger­tips on more than one occa­sion with this won­der­ful tip.

After a bit my curios­i­ty was real­ly get­ting the best of me so I asked him what in the world he was so busy mak­ing and he held up these adorable minia­ture carv­ings and stat­ed pen­cils and an eras­er. I was so sur­prised when I saw them because he did these in about 10 min­utes from start to fin­ish. They are so real­is­tic.

Pencils and Eraser

Well you can imag­ine how quick­ly I took them from him to snap a quick pho­to then I told him they were mine, placed them in a small glass bot­tle, put a jew­el­ers tag around the top of the bot­tle with his name and year writ­ten on it and placed the bot­tle on a shelf in my stu­dio where they will stay for­ev­er! I love them.

Miniature Carvings by Brittain



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