Darby Smart

Aug 12, 2013

Darby Smart

Have you heard of Dar­by Smart? If not, well let me just tell you all about it because Dar­by Smart is a real­ly cool online busi­ness with a super cool con­cept.

Dar­by Smart has approved design­ers cre­ate sim­ple DIY projects from a wide assort­ment of items they send their design­ers. The design­er then cre­ates a DIY fash­ion or home decor project from these items. Once the project is approved Dar­by Smart turns the design­ers project into a kit. Each kit is then mailed to you pack­aged in a cool box and includes the mate­ri­als and instruc­tions need­ed to cre­ate the DIY project. Dar­by Smart even sells some kits as “Girls Night” kits so you and a group of friends can get togeth­er and have a “Girls Night” DIY craft night. How cool is that!

What I love about this con­cept is the design­ers are so diverse in style which means all the DIY project kits are too. It’s awe­some! And guess what… I’ve been approved to be a Dar­by Smart Design­er! Yes, feel free to insert a lit­tle hap­py dance here. When my fash­ion project becomes a kit I will let you know ASAP!

Darby Smart


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