Birdcage Home Decor Accent

Aug 27, 2013

Birdcage Front

This primitive style birdcage was created with wire and you guessed it…. plaster. I truly love the creative freedom plaster gives me. I discovered when creating with plaster, perfection is acquired with it’s imperfect result. This is a freedom I’m shocked I’ve come to embrace as you know with my paper art I’m not this way at all. Everything has to be precise. I find it really interesting how I embrace these two mediums so differently.

Birdcage Back

I’m going to continue adding vintage bits and baubles to the birdcage as I find them as well as a few inspiring words on the bird’s tail feathers. I envision the base of the bird cage having a poem or some kind of wording wrap around it but I’ve not found the perfect saying quite yet. So this fun piece will continue to be a work in progress.


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