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Aug 21, 2013

Kids Crafts Winner ~ Allie

Look at all the awe­some projects Kids Crafts Art Box Win­ner ~Allie has cre­at­ed with her grand­moth­er Sue Adams. Sue nom­i­nat­ed Allie for a chance to win the Kids Crafts Art Box I gave away sev­er­al weeks ago and it’s awe­some see­ing all the fun things they’ve made togeth­er from the items in the Art Box. They altered an apron, made a bead bud­dy, cre­at­ed a set of adorable altered jean pock­ets, a set of altered clothes pins and pen­cils and even had time for a man­i­cure using some pink glit­tered flock­ing. Talk about some seri­ous craft­ing. Those two have been busy!

Kids Crafts Winner ~ Allie

I love see­ing Allie’s projects so much that I’m going to do anoth­er Kids Crafts Art Box give­away, in the near future. It’s just a lit­tle way I can pay it for­ward to all those who cre­at­ed with me and nur­tured my artis­tic side when I was a child.


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