Santos Doll Inspiration

Jul 30, 2013

Do you remember this work in progress project I showed you several weeks ago? Well I finally finished it and cannot wait to start creating another similar piece. I love Santos Caged Dolls and thought of another idea I’ve got to attempt. I will keep you posted.

Santos Caged Doll

I planned on putting items inside the cage area of the base but the more I kept trying to add things the more I kept wanting to keep it plain & simple. Plain & Simple is not something in my creative vocabulary. I usually feel the need to fill each and every spot on a project but working with plaster has me seeing things differently. I really have discovered a true love for creating with plaster. I wake up and go to sleep thinking of ideas.

Santos Doll Inspiration

Once the plaster was completely dry, I painted the entire piece with cream acrylic paint and let it dry over night. The next morning, I went over the entire piece with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Using multi medium I attached and sealed images I cut from a decorative napkin around the base of the cage and bodice. Then of course you know this is coming, I accented the napkin images using Diamond Stickles.

Santos Doll Inspiration Back

I think the reason I love creating with plaster is it’s very freeing. When creating with plaster as I do I cannot get a perfectly smooth finish, which is my creative goal as I love texture in my designs. Plaster forces me to let go and embrace and accept imperfection. Each unique piece ends up being perfectly imperfect and I love it!


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