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Jul 19, 2013

Tomor­row, Alan and I go to pick up our youngest niece Bel­lie. It’s her turn to come and vis­it us for a week of fun and spoil­ing. This means all next week it will be Kids Week 2, on my blog and I’ll be post­ing all the fun crafty & arty things Bel­lie and I do in my stu­dio. I had a blast with Made­lyn dur­ing Kids Week 1.

As I was get­ting all the arts and crafts sup­plies ready for Bel­lie I thought it would be fun for my blog­gers to nom­i­nate a child for a free “Kids Crafts” art box. If you know of a child between the ages of 6 and 10 that would love to receive a box of arts & crafts good­ies in the mail please nom­i­nate him or her in the com­ments area of this blog post.

Please note, this “Kids Crafts” art box will lean more towards girls. When leav­ing your com­ment please include the child’s age, favorite col­or and if he or she pre­fer hearts, flow­ers, or birds as I want to try to cus­tomize their art box. You have until July 26th to nom­i­nate a child, USA only please. The win­ner will be announced on my blog, Mon­day, July 29th.

Nominate a Kid

And this is total­ly off top­ic but I must share… I cre­at­ed the “Kids Crafts” image using the new Rhon­na Designs App. It is such an amaz­ing­ly fun app! If you don’t have it, well you are real­ly miss­ing out it’s awe­some.


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