Kids Week 1

Jul 8, 2013

This week my super sweet amazingly awesome 10 year old niece Madelyn is visiting. We have so many fun things planned to do each day that we decided we would share them all week long. We will be doing things like Painting with Candy, making Flip Flop & Sundae Cookies, Decorating Jumbo Marshmallows, making Rainbow Colored Spaghetti, drinking Fish Bowl Punch, creating Plaster Cupcakes, designing a Fairy Doll, making our own Custom Nail Polish, making Bracelets and Charms and anything else we can think up or find on Pinterest. I’m telling you it’s going to be an awesome week

This girl loves to shop

I have a Pinterest Board titled “Things to do with my nieces” if you want to check out the board. I pinned things I thought both Madelyn (10) and Bellie (6) might like to do during their visit. And If you want to play along below is a list of items we purchased to complete our week of fun. Bellie (Kids Week 2) will be staying with us in a few weeks so it will be fun to see which ones she picks.


Dollar Tree
Laffy Taffy
Silk Flower
Popsicle Sticks
Glow Sticks
Swedish Fish
Small Glass Fish Bowl
Flamingo Straws

Frozen Sugar Cookie Dough
1 Lemon
1 Lime
Nutter Butter Cookies
2 Tubes of Icing (she picked Pink and Blue Glitter Gel)
Icing in a Tub (she picked Pillsbury Neon Pink)
Cupcake Liners
1 Box Yellow Cake Mix
1 Box White Cake Mix
1 – 6oz. non-fat Greek Yogurt Plain
1 Cup No Pulp Orange Juice
Blue Punch
White Chocolate Chips
Jumbo Marshmallows
Animal Cookies (In a clear bear container)
Sprite (Mini Cans)
Gushers Fruit Chews
2 Bottles Clear Nail Polish (Cheap)
Dixie Cups

Supplies On Hand
Ziploc Baggies
Wooden Clothes Pins
Washi & Fabric Tape
Micro Beads
Sequins (Heart)
Perfect Pearls Powder
Food Coloring
Empty Water Bottle
Clean Sock
Melting Pot
Clear UTEE

After dinner Madelyn and Ansley made a super easy desert using animal crackers, neon pink icing & neon pink sugar. They both had fun and the clean up is minimal for moms which is super awesome.

Let's decorate some animal cookies

These cookies are great for all ages to make and both Ansley and Madelyn gave them two thumbs up.


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