Kids Week Day 5

Jul 13, 2013

Painting Plaster Faces

Throughout this week, Madelyn has been very fascinated with some plaster faces I had on my work table so today I decided to pull out some paints and let her use them to create. Once she finished painting the faces she then attached silk flower petals all around the edge creating flower faces. I love watching kids work through their creative process. It’s fun seeing which colors they prefer, their artistic style and the mediums they like. I enjoy it so much that I’m seriously thinking about how to go about teaching art to kids. This is something that is going to be swirling around in the back of my mind for a bit.


Decoupage & Collage

After Madelyn created her flower faces I thought she needed to learn the art of decoupage and collage. This was a huge hit. She was so busy tearing and punching patterned papers. Then when it came to adhering them onto the canvas in that ever so perfect spot, there was serious planning going on. She placed the papers the way she liked them onto her canvas then carefully slid each one off and began attaching each piece one by one to her canvas.  She is so proud of her collage and cannot wait to hang it in her room.

Jumbo Marshmallows

For an afternoon snack she decorated jumbo marshmallows. When I say jumbo I mean JUMBO these marshmallows are HUGE! Of course we used pink icing and then I just pulled out sprinkles and M&M’s I had in my cabinet. This was fun and again, clean up is minimal. I can picture a bunch of little girls sitting around a table having a tea party and decorating jumbo marshmallows. They would love it.

After dinner, Ansley and Brittain took Madelyn to Main Event to experience hours of cray fun. I on the other hand hit the tub and took a long quiet bath. This auntie has had a super busy creative week and I’m pooped. Next week, I will be back at work creating with plaster and bees wax. Then it will be time for round two of Kids Week as Bellie, my youngest niece and Madelyn’s 6 yr. old little sister will be visiting for a week. I hope I only need a week to recuperate from this one. I guess time will tell.

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